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I make party hats.

August 13, 2010

I bet you were wondering where the party hats came in to play!  Well it’s one of my passions.  I first made party hats for New Years Eve 15 years ago.  I’ve never made two alike.

I think this one should be worn while eating ice cream.

My party hats aren’t just for New Years Eve or first birthday parties, they are perfect for any celebration.  Graduations, baby showers, bachelor or bachelorette nights, weddings, adult birthday parties, Fourth of July are just a few of the special occasions calling out for special headgear.  You don’t even have to be attending a party, you could wear one for a walk-a-thon  or while weeding the garden.  When I wear a party hat while working at home the creativity just flows!

Pair with elbow length gloves.

Along with new craft supplies I re-purpose  jewelry, buttons, fabric and any other special treasures I come across.  Before I get rid of anything I think to myself, “Can this be used on a hat?”  I have quite a collection of odd objects just waiting patiently to be used on a one of a kind creation.

Red nose and squirting flower are optional.

I sell my original party hats in my etsy store and I also take requests. I’ve made large quantities for wedding receptions and birthday parties.  People tell me they still have the party hats I gave them years ago hanging on the wall or sitting on a dresser.   That makes me happy!