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Flea Market

September 8, 2010

Over the past few months I have been setting up at a local flea market and selling my treasures.  It has been such a blast that I am ashamed that I have not done it sooner.  Especially since the price of renting a space for the day is much cheaper than I expected.

Check out my layout

For years and years I have been going to flea markets to hunt for bargains.  Darting back and forth across the aisle, like a bird.  Head jerking from left to right, up and down.  You hone your skills, scan the booth quickly and bolt or hover depending on what they have to offer.  My friends and I generally go to the market on the busiest days, when there is so much to see and so many people in our way that we just shop non-stop.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing the flea market from the seller’s point of view.  Sitting back and watching people shop is cathartic.  I’m learning the best way to set up the booth, utilize the space and lure people in for more.  It’s always changing too!

Bargains to be had.

Things I’ve learned;

* You could put an item in the same place for days with no luck.  The morning you put it in a different spot it will sell within two hours.

*Anything related to making, recording or playing music will sell quickly and with minimal haggling.

* No matter how many signs or price tags you put out people will still ask, “How much ya’ want for this?”

* Shoppers will never be afraid to ask if you will take half of the asking price. Be it 25 cents or 25 dollars, they want it dirt cheap.  (I cannot blame them. Knowing the buyer’s viewpoint, I relate to the dying hope that you can scoop up that treasure for mere pocket change.)

* There’s a small amount of people that come to the flea market not to shop but to talk your ear off.

As summer is coming to an end I hope to get a couple more market days in before the weather turns ugly because I’ve got stuff to sell!!!