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Lincoln Highway Buy-Way

August 13, 2010

This past weekend was the annual Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale.  I was not able to make it this year but I did go last year for the first time and it was such a blast that I have to share my experience.  It is a multi-state yard sale that follows the Lincoln Highway (which was the first road across America,) originally connecting New York City and San Francisco.  The Buy-Way starts in West Virginia and follows the road through Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.  All along the route are yard sales, garage sales and flea markets.  It is a bargain shopper and treasure hunter’s dream.

There is another multi-state yard sale that happens the same weekend.  It runs north to south and is called the 127 Sale or World’s Longest Yard Sale. The two sales meet in Van Wert, Ohio where Route 30 crosses Route 127. I plan on checking this one out next year and utilizing the things I learned from last year’s two day shopping spree between East Liverpool and East Canton, Ohio.

Still in the package, always a score!

One important lesson I learned is to take more photos.   Another is to not be lured by the signs for yard sales off the main road.  This is a huge time waster.  Unless the sign indicates how far down the side street the sale is or if you can actually see it with your own eyes, don’t bother.  My shopping partner, Connie and I lost precious hunting time driving up to 5 miles down country roads only to find a garage full of kid’s clothes.  What a letdown that can be.

One of the highlights include the consistent selection of  quality items for less than one quarter.  So many items were priced at a dime and a nickel…you just can’t beat that.  I even encountered some free boxes!

My best finds include: 2 old Schlitz drinking glasses, one for 25¢ and one for 5¢;  2 1970’s Tiger Beats for a quarter;  1 oval plate that says “The Happy Steak” on it and 1 Ice-O-Mat vintage ice crusher.

Check out my score!  This is just the first days treasures.  Notice the yellow canister… it is and old picnic thermos. It’s closure is similar to vintage mason jars with glass lids.  It is a very secure seal which I put to the test over the past year.  I stored sugar in it last August and then left it on a boat that was dry docked on the shore of Lake Erie all winter.  We opened it up two weeks ago and the sugar was still dry and untouched!  Impressive.

Another highlight or lowlight was stopping to stay at The Moon Mist Motel.  Connie had never stayed in an actual roadside motel before and I’m glad I got be there for her first experience.  Actually, we didn’t stay….but 10 minutes was enough. Fortunately the desk clerk knew we weren’t the right customers

There was a key pad instead of a key. Our room number was 9, guess what the code was?

for this establishment, she gave us our money back with no problem and we hightailed it out of there.  That large piece of wood in the above photo is covering a the hole from the original window which has been replaced with a much smaller one.  The curtain was cut off at the bottom.  But don’t worry, they didn’t waste it, they stapled over the bathroom window.  Look out Martha Stewart, you’ve got nothing on The Moon Mist.

I don't even have to explain to you what was on the TV when we turned it on, do I?

If you are a bargain hunter with stamina I would recommend trying this.  I will be planning ahead for this next year and saving up my change!

This is a sample case for a company that sells knobs and switches. I would have loved to buy this but it wasn't in the budget or on the agenda.