Found Photos

October 12, 2010

One of my absolute favorite type of blogs or websites are ones dedicated to discarded and found photos.  Black and white, color, Polaroid, blurry, damaged or off center, all found photos are magical to me.  The questions that arise from each one.  The stories that can be written.  I recently bought a small stack of old black and whites at the flea market, they are curled at the edges but I love them all the same.


They've run ashore.


I wonder where they are, if it’s a lake or a small river.  I imagine that it’s a summer cottage and this couple owns it.  They spend the whole summer at the cottage and most weekends they have guests and they play bridge in the evenings.  They drink black coffee and Sloe Gin Fizz.  She has a passion for shooting targets while he aspires to be an accomplished apiarist.


One comment

  1. Not only do I like party hats and have a small collection of disposable paper ones, but I also share your enthusiasm for found photos. I like some of your other “finds” too, in particular “Jaco.” Any chance you will post the rest of the collection on here some time?

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