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Meet Jaco

October 23, 2009
Introducin Jaco!

Introducing Jaco!

I would like you to meet Jaco.  The J is pronounced like a Y.  You can also see him up there in the masthead with his friends.  He’s one of my favorite possessions.  Let me tell you about him and how he came into my life.

Several years ago, I was headed out in my truck to hit the local bike trail but it began raining and I wasn’t in the mood to ride in the rain.  I took a leisurely route home through one of my favorite areas and spied a sign for an estate tag sale.  I’d seen these sorts of signs before and would just rubber neck and be on my way.  This day I drove slowly past the house that was having the sale.   It was overflowing with people and treasures.  I had to check this out!

I was fortunate to find a parking spot just one house down.  The front porch had some furniture and boxes on it, which I passed by as I stepped into the bustling house.  Every room was filled and it was the last day of the sale.  I was in awe!  I was happy!  I had a new hobby!  There was one room of just jigsaw puzzles and another of books.   A whole corner of gift wrapping supplies.  Even the bathroom, closets and backyard were stuffed with things to be sold.   In one of the bedrooms there was a large table piled with dolls.  All types of dolls, from Barbies to collectible souvenir dolls.  Generally dolls don’t interest me but one of them stopped me in my tracks.

There he was, amongst crayon covered babies, topless Barbies with rat’s nest hair  and sombrero wearing dolls, a lonely little matador with no arms!  How tragic.  A matador with no arms.  I was drawn to him.  He was in sad shape as his legs were just barely attached to his body.  He was only $1.00.  I scooped him up and continued searching the rest of the house.

He's often inconsolable over his lost love and not even the sheep can make him laugh.

He's often inconsolable over his lost love and not even the sheep can make him laugh.

He came home with me.  I was fascinated by him.  I re-attached his legs but left his faded matador outfit as it was.  I took him places with me, just a few times, so I could share him with my friends.  I was crushed when many of them recoiled slightly and told me he was creepy.  How could they not love his long eyelashes and mustache?  Fortunately my friend Mimi took to him like I did and together we gave him a name, a history and companions.  We even named our fictitious band after him, “Jaco’s Belly”.

So, ever since I brought him home, he sits in my living room, always occupying a spot where I can see him.  His proud little belly,  shiny airbrushed hair and gold trimmed pants.  His head that was obviously designed and painted to be a girl but then was  pulled from the overstock bin and swished with a paintbrush to add facial hair.  His empty sleeves.  His legs have disconnected again, it happened during our last photo shoot.  I’ll fix them soon.  I think as a feature of my blog that I will occasionally post photos of Jaco.  Oh, and he didn’t lose his arms in a bullfight.