Good find!

September 30, 2009

I was at one of my favorite surplus and salvage stores last week, doing one of my favorite things, hunting for wonderful treasures.  This hunt was a slightly focused one.   Halloween was a guideline to any supply purchases.

Near the checkout counter, next to a bin of elastic, I spy a box filled with spools of seam binding.   These spools are old.   They are hefty.   100 yards hefty!  They are only 99 cents and they come in several colors.   The shades are not bright.   Some are saturated and some are muted but all are wonderful.   The quality of the thin rayon is quite nice and decadent as it looks a lot like silk.  I’m quite inspired by the texture, weight, hues and quantity of this ribbon.  Oh all the uses I can think of.

Yep, I want them all.  I pick only two, in shades that will work for this year’s Halloween costume.  See?  I’m sticking to the guidelines.  One is a deep wine hue and the other is the color of sun worn plum.  They give off images of   expansive southern porches and cotton chemises.   I briefly consider growing my hair long and weaving these ribbons into my braids.

It's wash and wear washable.

It's wash and wear washable.

There is no date on the label.  I’d guess early 1960’s.  The first entry on a search of the company, Lawrence Schiff Silk Mills, was the official company website.  It’s always nice when researching vintage and old items to see that a company is still in business.  I contacted them to inquire about the date of the seam binding.  I’ll update if I hear back.

I already used some for a non -seam binding project and enjoyed working with it.  Since it was for a Halloween project, I singed the edges over a candle to give it a subtle, aged look.  It was fun!

I’m not sure what my next project with the seam binding will be (other than the Halloween guideline) but I do not have a lack of ideas.  I suspect that after I use it a few more times that I will have a strong urge to head back to the store to pick up a few more spools, (in different colors of course!)

UPDATE:  I heard back from the company but they had no information for me.  They said that they could not determine the date of the binding but that they still produced it today.  I bet that what they make today is not nearly as wonderful as the old stuff!


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