Oh dear thrift store where have your bargains gone.

September 16, 2009

I sound like an very old man sitting outside of an old gas station.  “Ohhh, the good ol’ days are gone, things aren’t what they used to be.”  But…it’s true, I rarely find a good deal anymore.  The half priced tags are sparse and it seems that everything that catches my eye and is in my size and does not have stains is always $4.00.  I like a real bargain, I like cheap, I like to walk out with a stuffed till it’s bursting bag that cost less then $10.00.

My favorite local shop has added a large section of new goods.  What a disappointment.  They aren’t priced well and the quality of the stuff is crap.  Oh, and this new section has taken over a large area where there used to be  wonderful treasures such as books, records, craft supplies and appliances.  Those items have been condensed and shoved into another area of wonderful treasures such as dishes, glasses and miscellaneous household items.  Such a shame, there seems to be far less good stuff than there used to be

simple and classic

simple and classic

I did manage to find a nice cool weather coat though.  It’s a Misty Harbor in navy blue with silver buttons and a clean, rip free lining.

AND it’s machine washable because I can’t be bothered with dry cleaning, you know?

quality too

quality too

Do you see that tag?  It says, “Wear in Good Health.”  How sweet is that?  I wish more of my clothing came with well wishes.

I do question the any weather coat claim though.  I live in Ohio and there’s a slim chance that this coat would keep warm in the winter.  Also, I don’t think it would withstand a heavy downpour, I’m sure I would be soaked.


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